The Rise of the Grey Gambler


What on earth is a grey gambler, you ask? Well, it’s what you might call an older or elderly person who enjoys gambling. This might once have referred exclusively to the old biddies who used to sit around Bingo halls waiting for their numbers to come up. Nowadays the Grey Gambler has evolved into a far more sophisticated creature.

According to the news agency Reuters, an increasing number of senior citizens have taken up Casino gambling, including both table games and Slot machines. This means that percentage-wise, among the older generation, there are now more Casino winners, but also more problem gamblers.

Many Grey Gamblers tend to have both the means and the opportunity to gamble, especially those who have retired on a substantial pension. With easy access to Casinos both online and on land, it is easy to see how gambling, whilst pure entertainment for some, might become problematic for others.

Keith Whyte of the National Council on Problem Gambling believes that the grey gamblers are fast becoming what might be thought of as the “backbone of the modern Casino industry.”

These Grey Gamblers are, essentially, the baby boomer generation and Dr. Timothy Fong of the UCLA Gambling Studies program believes that this is part of the problem. This large generation of gamblers were born in an age when gambling was far more widely accepted than it is today, so they grew up without any real education on precautions to take when gambling.

Dr Fong has also commented, however, that grey gamblers may also be among the happiest of their generation, since gambling for elderly people can offer extremely positive social interactions and help to keep their minds active. Gambling could therefore be seen as healthy for both their mental and psychological well-being.

The main responsibility of online and land based Casinos now is to be aware of the increase in Grey Gamblers and make sure to inform them of the potential risks of developing a gambling addiction.


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