Casino FAQ

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Are online casinos safe?
Yes – the latest casinos have over 10 years of experience in casino transactions and are very safe. You details are guaranteed to be confidential and all transactions are powered by the same technology used by some of the world’s top banking organisations. It’s advisable to look for reputable casino which are powered by high profile software companies (such as Microgaming and Playtech).

How do I deposit/withdraw funds to/from an casino?
Online casinos have numerous banking options, including credit card, e-wallets, bank transfers and many dedicated payment vendors such as Neteller and Fire-Pay. When you register with an online casino you’ll need to register with a free payment vendor, or add your payment details. It’s usually free, easy and 100% secure.

Is online gaming legal?
Gambling laws have changed greatly in the past few years. In the UK, gambling is 100% legal, however in other countries this may not be the case. Check with your local jurisdiction to determine the legality of online gaming.

What’s the best online casino software?
There are numerous high quality casino software providers on the web. However, most experts generally recommend Microgaming or Playtech if you desire reliability, first class graphics and verified payouts. Microgaming are also famous for added bonus features such as auto-skill functionality.

Can I play for free in online casinos?
Yes – all good casino will provide you with a free-play account, giving you endless free chips and as much play-time as you need to decide whether to open a real account and win for real.

What wager levels can I game with?
Wager levels in the best online casinos are ideal for everyone from total novices to professional casino gamers. Typically you’ll be able to wager with stakes from 0.10, up to 200.00 per play. It’s therefore both vary affordable and potentially lucrative – depending on your gaming level and goals.

How much can I win playing online casino games?
Casino payouts depend on your wager level. However, you can potentially win anything from a few pence, to literally hundreds of thousands of pounds. For example, progressive jackpot slot games such as Major Millions Slot.

Is casino gaming pure luck?
Some casino games are based on luck, such as slots and keno. However, other games are considered skill games, because gamers can use systems and skills to get an edge over the casino (examples include video poker, poker andblackjack). Many gamers also claim luck-based games can be played with certain strategies, but this is very debatable.

How big is the casino’s edge?
Most good casinos deliver payouts in the region of 95-98.5%+. This means in the long-term, the casinos have a small edge against the gamer. However, by using strategies, developing your skill and gaming with a strict budget, you can make the edge significantly smaller – and in some cases, reverse it (i.e. if you’re a seriously skilled gambler). However, 95.8% payouts nevertheless deliver frequent rewards and hours of entertainment on a small budget.

Should I game with a casino budget?
Gaming with a budget is a good idea – whether you’re a novice gamer or a pro. Every gamer will experience poor sessions and hot sessions. You should have a session limit and target every time you play – helping you quit when it’s not going your way, but also quit when you’ve banked a nice little wedge!

How good are casino bonuses?
Good casino bonuses are a great way to play real money gaming, 100% free. Silver Vegas recommend that you claim no-deposit bonus offers, meaning you can search for a great casino with wasting cash in venues you don’t like. All our casino links provide access to free bonuses, often with up to 1000.00 available at websites such as Spin Palace Casino.

Are online casinos easy to install?
Yes – either click to download the casino instantly to your desktop, or play in live flash mini-casinos. The download option offers the full bonus and game choice, so is preferable unless you’re not on your own PC.