Casino Affiliates

affiliatesWhile you may be a huge fan of online casino gaming – you can also enjoy another payout by becoming a casino affiliate, and make cash by recommending some of the web’s premium casinos to other gamers. Essentially, online casinos will reward you whenever a new gamer signs-up or makes a deposit!

If you have a website, then you could potentially cash in on the online casino industry, which is one of the fastest expanding niches on the web. Online gaming spend may double in the next 10 years to over 25 billion dollars! So – becoming a casino affiliate could be a great move. With over 1000 dedicated casinos on the internet, the need for new gamers is huge – and that’s why online casinos handsomely reward their affiliates.
How much can a casino affiliate earn?

The earning potential for casino affiliates will vary, depending on the casino you are affiliated with, your website and of course, you efforts. However, it isn’t uncommon got casino affiliates to bank 25 to 50% of the profit yielded from each player, which can be worth around $50 per month, per referral! Don’t worry though – you don’t get penalised if your gamer happens to strike it rich or becomes a hot shot gamer.
How are casino conversions tracked to each affiliate?

Every casino affiliate receives personalised cgi scripting to track every referred gamer. If a gamer chooses to sign-up within a certain time-frame, they instantly become your gamer anf get a cut of the profits.

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